A modern-fitting, classic wax canvas vest with front zip, snap closure, two front pockets and internal deerskin welt pocket.  

Drawing upon our lived experiences, the vest is a fusion of our Ojibwe and Oneida cultural traditions within the context of our contemporary life together. 

The colors are from our journeys through the Mountain West – Texas, New Mexico, Montana, and Eastern Oregon. The sands, rocks, and grasses that stretch the horizon come through in the canvas and the sunrises and sunsets of our travels in the Pendleton® wool blanket fabric lining.


Custom Snaps

The snaps feature our crest symbol, merging traditional designs, one from each of our tribes. One symbol represents the home, the other creation, life and bounty. Merged together the symbol represents how we honor our teachings and ways of life in our home.

Deerskin + Pendleton® Blanket Lining

The inside deerskin welt pocket was hunted and prepared by us with our family members. Since time immemorial, deer have had a vital role in our community – from metaphorical in teachings, to nutrition and shelter. Deerskin is a staple of traditional Ojibwe and Oneida clothing. The lining is made of Pendleton® wool blanket fabric. Pendleton® blankets have become a beloved and treasured part of our culture, given as gifts to mark important life passages and kept as heirlooms.

Ginew X Dirt Child photos by Roo Way